jQuery 1.4: The 15 New Features you Must Know

jQuery 1.4 was recently released. This wasn’t simply a maintenance release as some had speculated; there are many new features, enhancements and performance improvements included in 1.4! This post covers the new features and enhancements that you may find beneficial.
You can download jQuery 1.4 right now, here: http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.js

  1. Passing Attributes to jQuery(…)
  2. Everything “until”!
  3. Binding Multiple Event Handlers
  4. Per-Property Easing
  5. New Live Events!
  6. Controlling a Function’s Context
  7. Delay an Animation Queue
  8. Check if an Element Has Something
  9. Unwrap Elements!
  10. Remove Elements Without Deleting Data
  11. index(…) Enhancements
  12. DOM Manipulation Methods Accept Callbacks
  13. Determine the Type of Object
  14. Closest(…) Enhancements
  15. New Events! focusIn and focusOut

Don’t forget to checkout the new API documentation!

Ref: Tutsplus

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