7 Best Free Linux Twitter Clients

Many Linux Twitter clients are available for you to make twitting easy and fun. Some clients are native Linux apps whereas some are based on Adobe AIR. This is the list of few best Linux twitter clients you may or may not know. Only native apps are included in the list. They are listed in random order.

  1. Hotot
    Hotot is a lightweight and flexible microblogging client. Its main feature is extension support. Extensions are add-ons that provide additional functionality to Hotot. Images and videos can previewed in this application. Severals Picture share services, like img.ly, twipic, instagr.am, picplz.com are supported. In the video term, Youtube video service are supported. Theming feature of Hotot make it beautiful and pleasant. Other important features of Hotot are Threaded conversation, View Geo Informations, Kismet Firewall, Notification System, Multi-Columns View, Real-time Update.
  2. Pino
    Pino is a free, easy and fast X11 client for Twitter and Identi.ca. Pino uses GTK2 and perfectly integrates into Gnome and XFCE desktops. The goal of the project is to have a tiny, fast and beautiful Twitter client for Linux. Main features includes Timeline, Mentions, Create new tweets and reply to users from your timeline, Custom interval for updating data, Simple and intuitive interface, Main toolbar offers fast access to all of the key functions, Multiple accounts, URL shortening, Notifications, Spell checking, Tray icon, Shows retweets in timeline.
  3. Gwibber
    Gwibber is an open source microblogging client for Linux. It brings the most popular social networking web services to your desktop and gives you the ability to control how you communicate. Main features of Gwibber are Support for many different social networks, combined stream of all your messages, Automatically URL shortening, Built-in search tool and support for saved searches, Optional support for spell-checking, HTML themes to customize Gwibber’s look and feel, Multicolumn user interface for viewing multiple streams.
  4. Mitter
    Mitter is a light weight python twitter client for linux which can also be also used from the console. Mitter comes equiped with a simple, two-tab interface: messages and replies are quickly accessible. Sure, the configuration is basic, and the Gnome-ish interface isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. But Mitter stands out because it can be used from the command line, which is awesome.
  5. Qwit
    Qwit is based on KDE’s QT4 and it is quite feature filled. It supports multiple accounts, and you’ll always see various tabs on the left allowing you to check out your feed, your messages and more. You’ll also notice a “more” button, very useful if you want to keep reading Tweet. The interface can be customized, and the program even includes URL shortener integration. Important features are clickable links in messages, public, replies, custom user timelines and search, caching messages between sessions, replies, retweets and direct messages support, twitpic support.
  6. Twitux
    Twitux is a free and open source Twitter client for GNOME (Linux). Twitux displays your personal messages, your network of friends and public messages. In addition, Twitux also allows you to send new messages and reply to friends. This software is simple, clean, and attractive. Built on the GTK libraries for Gnome, the user interface is sensible and easy to understand. It can display Direct messages, Replies, Friends timeline, Public timeline.
  7. Choqok
    Choqok is a free/open source micro-blogging client for K Desktop Environment. The name comes from an ancient Persian word, means Sparrow. It supports Twitter.com, Identi.ca and opendesktop.org services. Other important features of Choqok are supporting friends, @reply, favorite and public time-lines, support for send and receive direct messages, official repeat/reTweet functions, supporting multiple accounts simultaneously, supporting search APIs for Twitter and StatusNet services, support for Twitter lists, KWallet integration.

5 thoughts on “7 Best Free Linux Twitter Clients

  1. Nice listing 🙂 Tweetdeck for linux missing. Although it crashes frequently in linux and requires the adobe air be installed in the system.

  2. Great list, I hadn't heard of most of these before.

    Nepenthes, the Air version of Tweetdeck was abandoned when Twitter bought it.

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