Admin Customizer WordPress Plugin

Admin Customizer is a WordPress plugin which allows you to customize admin interface of your WordPress site. Several options are available in a single plugin.


  • Change logo in admin header
  • Hide update nagging bar
  • Replace ‘Howdy’ with your own text
  • Rearrange Logout menu
  • Confirmation on Logout
  • Set maximum number of columns in Dashboard
  • Hide WordPress Default Dashboard widgets
  • Add new custom widget in Dashboard
  • Hide or customize admin footer
  • Change logo in Login page
  • Set maximum number of Revisions
  • Change Default Email address and Name for sending emails
  • Remove Default User Contact methods

Plugin Download : Plugin Download
Installation : Installation

9 thoughts on “Admin Customizer WordPress Plugin

  1. this plugin has a major flaw: if you disable the plugin even temporarily, all the personalization is lost. I wrote lots of CSS that I lost. Lucky me that I found the CSS in a database backup.

  2. Even though I have my logo the correct size, it does not show up correctly above the login. It is all distorted. Also a cool feature to consider would be the ability to redirect users to a specific page after they login.

  3. I have it at the correct size, its shrinking it to the size of the default wordpress logo that is usually there. Maybe my theme is causing the issue?

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