You’re The Voice [by John Farnham] & Mera Dil Tere Liye [Movie-Ashiqui] : An example of inspiration in Bollywood music

Recently I heard one nice english song by John Farnham. Song was “You’re the Voice“. That song is so nice and soothes your heart and ears. But chorus in that song stroke my mind. It seemed like I had heard that chorus before and somewhere in Bollywood song. Later I found that Hindi song in which chorus was taken from John Farnham’s song. That Bollowood song is ‘Mera Dil Tere Liye‘ from Ashiqui movie. I have kept both videos here. Try it and check it yourself. 🙂

Song : You’re The Voice
Artist : John Farnham
Album : Wishpering Jack
Year : 1986

Song : Mera Dil Tere Liye
Movie : Ashiqui
Singers : Anuradha Paudwal, Udit Narayan
Artists : Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal
Music : Nadeem-Shravan
Lyrics : Sameer
Year : 1990

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