CASHonAD : Receive your call and Earn Money

Update: This app is not available now.

Do you want to earn money? Just receive your call as you always do. You can earn 1 cent in every call. But you need Android smartphone for this scheme. Shiran Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has developed  ‘CashOnAD‘ for this type of scheme.

Video media advertisement experience has never been available to mobile phones. Considering the growth in smartphone users, CashOnAd provides a unique platform to reach mass market by publishing engaging advertisements and benefits the customer with 1 cent on each call received.

Download CachOnAd from playstore of Google.
Official Home page :

Currently CashonAD is only available in Android smartphone. According to officials of Shiran Technologies, it will also available in iOS version. Apple users will have to wait sometime for using CashonAD in their phone.

After installing CASHonAD application in your android smartphone, you need to create an account. You can create account using Facebook. Also you can register using your email address.

Steps to earn cash

  1. Ad should be viewed at least for 6 seconds in each incoming calls.
  2. It is recommended to sync balance at least once in 24 hours via internet to avoid loss of balance.
  3. Checkout your amount through your preferred payment gateway. Currently two methods are available ; PayPal and eSewa

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