How to change/edit post permalink URL after publishing in Blogger ?

Can we change or edit the post permalink URL after publishing it in blogger? Yes. Blogger is providing this feature to customize the post URL. [How to customize post permalinks in blogger]. Earlier we could not even make our own permalink for our blog post. Now this new feature is much handy. But this option … (more)

How to customize post permalinks in blogger

Blogger has recently rolled out a new feature related to permalink of the post. When you submit your post in blogger, it automatically generates the permalink for the post. Before this feature, user had no option to change or customize the permalinks. But not user have options whether to chose Automatic permalink or customize it. … (more)

How to prevent Directory Listing using .htaccess

In webhosting, you generally find that files in the directory are listed by default. Sometime it is useful but it can also rise the security issue. You can easily disable or enable this feature using one line in .htaccess file. This enables Directory listing. This disables directory listing for your web site. The .htaccess file … (more)