Admin Customizer WordPress Plugin

Admin Customizer is a WordPress plugin which allows you to customize admin interface of your WordPress site. Several options are available in a single plugin.


  • Change logo in admin header
  • Hide update nagging bar
  • Replace ‘Howdy’ with your own text
  • Rearrange Logout menu
  • Confirmation on Logout
  • Set maximum number of columns in Dashboard
  • Hide WordPress Default Dashboard widgets
  • Add new custom widget in Dashboard
  • Hide or customize admin footer
  • Change logo in Login page
  • Set maximum number of Revisions
  • Change Default Email address and Name for sending emails
  • Remove Default User Contact methods

Plugin Download : Plugin Download
Installation : Installation

Source Affix WordPress Plugin

This is right plugin for you if you want to add source link to your post. It adds separate meta box for the input of source text. You have to put each source in separate line. You can use this feature to any Post or Page. Even more, it also supports custom post type. Several plugin settings are also available. You can show sources in comma separated form or in an unordered list. You can append or prepend source to the content.

Download page : Download
Installation : Installation

Plugin Settings Page
Plugin Settings Page
Source Metabox
Source Metabox

Date Today Nepali WordPress Plugin

Date Today Nepali is a small WordPress plugin for displaying Nepali date in your website. This plugin converts current date to BS (Bikram Sambat) and displays in the widget. You can either display it in English or Nepali language. Several date formats are available.
This plugin uses Nepali-English Date conversion PHP class for date conversion.

Download page : Download
Installation : Installation