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Managing traffic on your site is never easy, especially if you’re receiving lots of it everyday. It’s even worse if your site is mainly focused on providing customer service. This is where a good chatting tool shines best – its capability to engage the customers in live chat to swiftly tend to their concerns makes it the ideal tool for you. And when talking about great chatting tools, Chatwing comes in second to none.

This chat software is neither downloaded or set-up – it embeds itself easily simply by copying and pasting its html code into the website. The chat widget is intended to hold large volumes of traffic chatting simultaneously – its maximum capacity is approximately 7000 chatters. With this, the chatroom is sure to have seats for everybody.

Capacity is not the only thing Chatwing is good for. It effectiveness is fortified with features that will make you think otherwise in choosing another chat widget. For starters, Chatwing has six log-in options to choose from, making it easier for your chatters to join in the conversation. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo – if the chatter has at least one of these accounts then they can sign in using those.

The whole chat app can also be modified easily and there are vast choices to choose from. You can even embed your own background image into the chatroom for a more personalized look. You can also add music or allow images and videos to be allowed in the chatroom in a cinch.

Managing the chatroom is another thing Chatwing is good at. Its security functions are easy to use, yet very effective. The user is able to kick people out of the chatroom with a simple mouse click, can put up a filter on profanity and assign moderators for easier chatroom management. Properly managing the chatroom through these can bring out the credibility of your site much better.

There features are just a few things Chatwing has to offer. And its developers are still making this great chat tool even better – so it can answer the needs of its users. It is because like you, Chatwing also strives to provide only the best customer service to its customers. And if you’re still in doubt, then feel free to try it – Chatwing is free so it won’t even cost you a cent.

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